Enrique Olvera

Enrique Olvera

A versatile chef and restaurateur, continuously draws global recognition to Mexico City cultural and culinary destination. His multifaceted work extends beyond gastronomy, encompassing diverse endeavors like hospitality projects and functional design, as well as the creation of various editorial projects


Casamata encompasses a collection of distinct hospitality projects anchored in one common objective: “to share our mexican identity, by creating world class experiences that reflect our heritage with pride”


Casa Teo

Inspired by artistic residencies, Casa TEO is a space created to foster creativity and the exchange of ideas through reflection and dialogue, offering guests a unique place to stay in Mexico City.



Manufactured by Mexican artisans and with a global, responsible and inclusive vision, Meteo is the first utilitarian design line co-designed by Olvera together with the creative team of La Metropolitana.

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Artisanal mezcal produced in San Luis del Río, Oaxaca, by maestros mezcaleros Felícitas Hernández and José Velasco. Made in a traditional conical oven, Manojo is distilled in alembics under strict observance of traditional methods. Enrique Olvera has joined this project, which includes social, environmental and cultural initiatives, as a brand ambassador.

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In addition to the creative direction of the hospitality projects grouped under Casamata, Enrique Olvera's experience and his interest in sharing the knowledge gained have led to comprehensive consulting for projects that require it. This includes conceptualization, creative support, and feasibility analysis, whether it be for overall proposals, context, or operations, both in Mexico and abroad.